Digital Steam

Building Workshop at the University of Hong Kong

Following in the footsteps of Thonet, Aalto and Eames, this 7 day student workshop focused on the design and construction of an experimental, organic, structure in wood. Combining the age old techniques of steam bending and lamination with the power of parametric design and CNC processes. It explored all aspects of planning and building a complex, three dimensional timber construction. Participants engaged with digital design tools that included form finding in Rhino, Grasshopper and Kangaroo as well as solid modelling software in tandem with craft exercises and process design. There was an emphasis on testing and experimentation and the project moved rapidly from digital tools to physical iterations. Practical guidance and one on one demonstration were provided at each stage of the project

The University of Hong Kong


Donn Holohan

Wu King, Ngai Chi Ho, Li Chung Hei, Chan Hok Ming, Song Huiqing, Joyce Leung Mei, Cheung Ka Wai, Xue Xuan, Pang Tin Yui, Chan Kwun Kit