Ceramic Constellation

Research Pavilion / Exhibition Design - Research Work Undertaken at the University of Hong Kong

In a context that has been largely shaped by standardisation and mass production, the project seeks to overcome the constraints of today's architectural production through the introduction of a structure made entirely of non-standard components. Departing from traditional brick bonds, the 3.8m tall project articulates a load-bearing composite structure with timber - where each of the approximately 2000 3d printed terracotta bricks is unique and different, enabling varying degrees of transparency, morphological shifts, and new experiences. 700 kg of raw terracotta clay was printed over a period of 3 weeks into individual bricks that were then fired at 1025 degrees Celsius. With 2-3 minutes average printing time for each brick, the pavilion is one of the first of its kind in the world that incorporates this specific material system.

The University of Hong Kong  / Olympian City



Project Leaders: Christian J. Lange, Donn Holohan, Holger Kehne

Structural engineers: Goman Ho, Alfred Fong – Ove Arup Partners Hong Kong Ltd

Research Assistants: Tony Lau, Anthony Hu, Teego Ma Jun Yin, Ernest Hung Chi Lok, Chau Chi Wang, Ren Depei, Mono Tung, He Qiye, Henry Ho Yu Hong

Workshop students: Go Yi, Sisay Sombo, Cheung Hoi Ching, Cheung King Man, Cheung Pak Yin, Ho Pui Lun, Verena Leung, Sharon So Cheuk Ying, Xu Junjie, Zhao Jinglun, Sampson Ip Cheuk Sum, Tan Shaoying, Yeung Tsz Wing

Credits and Sponsors:
Made possible by Sino Group and The University of Hong Kong.

Photography by Christian J Lange